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An Overview of Vox Royalty

Why invest in Vox? Find out more about our competitive advantage and unique intellectual property.

What are the benefits of the royalty and streaming model? Find out more about why royalty companies are a popular investment vehicle into the mining sector.

Vox is a high growth mining royalty and streaming company with a portfolio of 40 royalties and streams spanning seven jurisdictions. The company was established in 2014 and has since built unique intellectual property, a technically focused transactional team and a global sourcing network which has allowed us to become the fastest growing royalty company in the sector. Since the beginning of 2019 we’ve announced > 15 separate transactions to acquire > 35 royalties.

Vox’s portfolio is predominantly geared towards precious metals royalties which make up over 50% of our portfolio weighting by NAV. In addition to our precious metals’ royalties, the company has underlying exposure to a more diverse array of commodities, including base, battery, and bulk metals. Our portfolio spans four continents but is heavily weighted to Australia where >75% of our assets are located. The company has a track record of buying assets with significant near-term growth and development catalysts.

Our team has over 30 years of royalty-specific deal expertise and has been linked to >$1.5B of royalty transactions. In addition, we own a proprietary database of more than 7,000 global royalties which was built over the span of nearly a decade. This unique intellectual property provides Vox with an inherent competitive advantage, yielding wider transactional opportunities.

The royalty business model has grown in popularity as one of the investment vehicles of choice in the mining space given the unique advantages associated with royalties as a financial instrument (leverage to commodity prices, exploration successes and production increases) and the downside protection they afford with limited exposure to the risks of operating a mine. With this, royalty and streaming companies have consistently traded at a premium in public markets in comparison to mining companies and have often outperformed ETF’s and physical commodities.

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